last night, i had the great fortune to attend the press review for Molly Crabapple’s new show Shell Game. in the artist’s own words:

"I’ve spent the last year making nine giant paintings about the rebellions of 2011: the Greek riots, Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring… I interviewed dissident Tunisian bloggers, drank with Athenian anti-fascists, got arrested by the NYPD, and live-sketched riots in Madrid. Other than researching, I didn’t leave my studio for weeks at a time. I devolved into a feral art-beast. I painted hundreds of tiny cats.

I worked harder on the SHELL GAME paintings than anything in my entire life. Now I’m ready to show them.” (via)

there is A LOT to see in these pieces. and between Salman Rushdie, Amanda Palmer’s eyebrows, and Stoya in a tub of money, it was hard to know where to look last night. i’ll definitely be going back. if you’re in New York, i’d highly encourage you to check it out.

Shell Game hangs: April 14th - 23

Smart Clothes Gallery

154 Stanton St

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